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    Kishor Bhandari ( TSIP INDIA)

    We have some data that is distributed in two containers. The data is such that either data should be changed or should not be changed at all. The data should never be in inconsistent state. So, we need to maintain the atomicity between two containers. For this, we need to commit both container at once.This data is accessed by 3 processes running in different VMs. If we commit the individual container from one process, another process may be able to access the data in inconsistent state. I have some questions regarding this
    1. Is it possible in GridDB to commit two container at once ? If it is possible, can you please show some example or give API that can perform this operation ?
    2. If committing both container at once is not possible, does GridDB provides some lock so that each of the 3 process can take lock and perform some operation on two containers so that we maintain the atomicity between the container ?
    3. Is there any other way to solve this kind of problem using GridDB APIs?



    It is not possible to update two different containers atomically with GridDB itself.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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