In recognition of the value and the usability of your personal information, Fixstars Corporation implements the following privacy policy in our business activities.

  1. We observe the laws and regulations concerning personal information or other rules.
  2. When we collect personal information from you and do not give you a particular explanation, we, our affiliates or TOSHIBA Solutions Corp., will use such personal information to provide or introduce commercial products or services to you or notify you of information which seems to be useful to you. Moreover, we may provide or entrust the information to a third party for the purpose of analysis, processing or providing feedback to you. In such cases, we handle the personal information properly according to the contents and scale of our business.
  3. We take reasonable safety measures against the risks associated with the handling of personal information, such as unauthorized access, divulging, loss, destruction or falsification.
  4. If you wish to verify or correct the personal information you have provided, we will deal with such requests to the extent reasonably possible. In such cases, as previously advised, please notify our contact.
  5. We conduct educational and awareness activities for our employees and appoint a chief administrator of personal information in order to manage personal information properly.
  6. We prepare a system for personal information protection, put it into execution, and review and improve the system on a continual basis.

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