GridDB Community Edition version 4.1 Released

Following the version 4.1 release of GridDB Standard Edition (SE), Community Edition (CE) has also gotten an update bringing some new features that were previously only available in SE.

Online expansion

With online expansion, you can add and remove nodes from your GridDB cluster while it’s online. This feature will allow you to plan for 99.999% uptime, a key requirement that will make CE an option for enterprise deployments. Check out the GridDB Reliability and Robustness Whitepaper.

Geospatial data types

With GridDB’s Geometry data type, you can store index points, linestrings, polygons, and polyhedral surfaces. Check out the blog post on how to use the data type here.

Time-series compression

Time-series containers can now be compressed. This feature can reduce the size of your timeseries data requirements up to 30% or more. Compression was compared against InfluxDB’s here.

Increased Maximum Number of Columns

In previous versions of GridDB, the maxinum number of columns in a container was 1024. In 4.1, a container can have up to 32000 columns depending on the column type and block size of the container.

Improving a dynamic schema change (column addition)

V4.1 makes it easier to add columns to a container. Previously a new container would need to be created, then have data copied to it. Or you’d need to have your application handle multiple data types within a container. But fortunately now it is possible to add columns to the end of a column schema; look for a blog post detailing this feature soon!

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