5.1.18 Trigger (JMS)


This section covers how to notify an application with JMS using Trigger functions. For an overview of the trigger function, please refer to the Trigger (rest) seciton.

Setting the Trigger

List.1 Setting the Trigger(TriggerJms.java)
// Create Connection
store = gridLogic.createGridStore();

// Create Trigger Settings
TriggerInfo trigger = new TriggerInfo();

// Get TimeSeries Container
TimeSeries<InstrumentLog> logTs =
        store.getTimeSeries("weather_station_1", InstrumentLog.class);

  • Line 33: Create a new Trigger with the TriggerInfo() class
  • Line 34-41: Set the parameters for the trigger as necessary
  • Line 47: Create the trigger
  • Line 50-53: The a notification will be triggered when a row is updated.

Installation of the JMS server

Note: The installation procedure is complicated so please refer to the documentation of your chosen JMS server. The necessary configuration information specific to the sample environment is as follows:

Table 1 JMS Server Configuration

Setting Item Setting Value
Notification URI
Destination type queue
Destination namejms/griddb

The following is the output of the JMS server when above code triggers an event

List.4 Result
The execution result of the list second row update
TriggerJms.java the contents of the standard output of the JMS server when you run is as follows.
    "Container" : "Weather_station_1" , 
    "Event" : "Put" 
Gsnode2 . Griddb_default - - [ 13 / Sep / 2016 10 : 18 : 01 ] "POST / HTTP / 1.1" 200 - 

Source Code

Complete source code used in this sample can be downloaded from the following.

Download: trigger-jms.zip