5.1.5 Preparation: Connecting to GridDB


This section describes the connecting to and disconnecting from a GridDB server.

Connecting to GridDB

In order to connect with the GridDB server, we use a Property class to set the connnection details which will be used by GridStoreFactory to open a connection. Refer to Environment (server) on what these settings are configured as in your envrionment.

List.1 Connecting to a GridDB server (GridDBLogic.java)
            // Set the Connection parameter for GridDB
            Properties props=new Properties ();
            props.setProperty("host", "");
            props.setProperty("port", "10001");
            props.setProperty("clusterName", "GSCLUSTER");
            props.setProperty("database", "public");
            props.setProperty("user", "admin");
            props.setProperty("password", "admin");
            GridStore store=GridStoreFactory.getInstance().getGridStore(props);

Parameters of GridDB connection are as follows.

L.24: host specifies the destination host name or IP address (IPV4 only).
L.25: port specifies the destination port number.
L.26: clusterName specifies the destination cluster name.
L.27: database specifies the database name of the destination. This value is the default can be omitted is the "public".
L.28: user Specifies the user name of GridDB server.
L.29: password specifies the password of GridDB server.

For more information on the parameters other than the above, refer to the GridDB API Reference.

Cut from GridDB

After the application's GridDB tasks have completed, the connection should be closed.

List.2 cut from GridDB(CollectionCreate.java)
GridStore store=null;
try {
    // Processing to GridDB
} finally {
    // Close Connection
    if (store!=null) {
        store.close ();

L.8: Using close() within a try/finally block.

The following classes have a close() method that can terminate the connection with GridDB.

  • GridStoreFactory
  • GridStore
  • Container
  • Query
  • RowSet

Source code

Complete source code used in this sample can be downloaded here:

Download: container-create-drop.zip