6.4 Upgrading the Editions

Follow the procedure below to update the software.

  • Stop the cluster
  • Stop the node
  • Make a backup copy of the definition file, database file and event log file
  • Update the software
  • Start the node
  • Configure the cluster

An example of the command execution in a machine in which the nodes have been started is shown below.

[Command execution example]

$ gs_stopcluster -u admin/admin
$ gs_stopnode -u admin/admin
$ cp -rp /var/lib/gridstore/data /xxx/shelter  # copy just in case
$ cp -rp /var/lib/gridstore/log /xxx/shelter   # copy just in case
$ cp -rp /var/lib/gridstore/conf /xxx/shelter  # copy just in case
$ su
# rpm -Uvh griddb-server-Y.Y.Y-linux.x86_64.rpm
# rpm -Uvh griddb-client-Y.Y.Y-linux.x86_64.rpm
# rpm -Uvh griddb-docs-Y.Y.Y-linux.x86_64.rpm
# exit
$ gs_startnode
$ gs_joincluster -c configured cluster name -u admin/admin

*Y.Y.Y: Version of GridDB to update