GridDB use case in the automotive industry

In a previous blog post, we introduced three examples of GridDB in the IoT industry. Let us introduce one more use case for GridDB: the automotive industry.

A leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers, DENSO International America has chosen GridDB to build a next generation vehicle management system*. The below figure shows a block diagram of this system.

This system handles several different sensor data, such as image data, CAN data, and more, all of which are installed inside a vehicle. These data are collected and quickly analyzed by an in-vehicle computer, then sent to the cloud server via LTE communication. The cloud server receives analyzed data from each vehicle, visualizes data in streaming, and performs a more advanced analysis offline.

From a database point of view, the technical challenges of this system are the following:

  • Data is randomly sent to the server from a rather large number of vehicles which are physically distributed within a vast area. On the server side, these data points must be written to the database without any data loss
  • The database needs high read performance since data is shown on a web browser in near real-time.
  • Since managed vehicles keep moving regardless of public holidays or time of day, high availability that keeps running continuously without being shut down is required.
  • In addition, it’s very useful if the DB has processing specific to time series data since all data points are time series data with a timestamp.

GridDB provides:

Or said in simpler terms, GridDB provides enough functionality to get the job done.

In fact, a PoC (Proof of Concept) system using GridDB has been developed in an extremely short period of 2-3 months, which includes implementation of an application on a vehicle computer, the web front-end for data display and the ability to show the demo using a real vehicle. DENSO International America is planning to enhance and expand this PoC system in the future with the aim of achieving performance that can realize commercial services. Please stay tuned on GridDB; we will report the specific processing capability of GridDB in this system right here.

* This system is still only research. DENSO does not have any plans to release it into the public at this time

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