Project Overview

This sample application details how to setup and use GridDB data generator written in C using the C client API. There will also be instructions on how to use the GridDB Python client in conjunction with Bokeh to launch streaming graphs. The central premise is to use the C API along with the gsl library to generate random but well distributed datasets. This comes in the form of a data generating client.

The context for this application is for monitoring coffee machines in a set of coffee stores that could make up a franchise or chain. Every machine sends an update when it creates and makes an espresso shot or undergoes a clean cycle. From all the collected data, a user could, from any host, monitor every store’s and machine’s statistics through a web frontend. The frontend can adjust and change the plots and data it displays as it monitors for updates from GridDB.

Source Code

You can download the application and its source code for the data generating client and data visualisation component from the link below:

Download: datavisualisation_application.tar.gz