Setting Up a Remote Bokeh Server

One way this application can be deployed is as a remote server deployed on the cloud. First begin by testing the connectivity of the machines you wish to connect between. By default the program uses localhost and port 5006 as its default host and port. You can change these values by providing command line arguments when running the server application. For example if you want to run the bokeh server on IP: and port 5000. You would execute commands:

Launching Data Generator

$ ./

Launch Server Application

$ python 5000

The server will run until you kill the program. From there, on any machine or browser type in the address bar: There you can see the data being streamed from GridDB in your browser.

Source Code

You can download the application and its source code for the data generating client and data visualisation component from the link below:

Download: datavisualisation_application.tar.gz